Commonly used in combination with solar electric systems, wind turbines are another key form of independent power system. The two common forms are vertical and horizontal axis wind turbines with the horizontal generally being more efficient but the vertical better suited to building integration thanks to lowered vibration and less obtrusive appearance. Turbines with blade spans under a meter are generally not that useful as power generators but can have some small remote power roles, such as powering remote WIFi systems, powering small pumps, or small lighting units. Dedicated wind power systems are beyond the scope of the Utilihab component catalog and so its own wind power kits favor the use of vertical axis turbines that offer integration with its structures.

The basic Utilihab wind turbine kits feature one, three, and five meter high helical bladed vertical axis wind turbines designed for structural integration with the vertical Primary frame posts of Utilihab structures -most easily on perimeter posts supporting roof overhangs, shade structures, and pergolas. A profile end-adapter mount allows the turbines to be mounted atop any of the standard primary profiles, with flat roof systems employing a bonded polymer flashing boot. Structures using the light Primary framing with 100mm profiles may be limited to the use of 1m turbines but the larger profiles should support all sizes.

The 1m turbine is not especially useful alone in a home power system, the 3m unit more intended for that role and the 5m unit intended for larger buildings and free-standing arrays. However, the small unit is well suited to applications like powering smaller remote machines and can be combined with small solar cells and standard Utilihab lighting elements to create novel lamp posts integrating with the standard deck, walkway, and pergola systems.

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