The Utilihab walkway system works largely the same as the perimeter deck system with the chief difference being the use of long main support beams akin to the perimeter deck edge tie beams running in parallel along the course of the walkway and directly supported by pier foundations in parallel or alternating rows and optionally using custom leveling posts. Either a tiled deck system can be used or continuous runs of planks either through-bolt mounted to the top of the profiles beams or attached in sets to battens like the usual deck panel unit. The basic walkway is 1100mm wide and wider decking made in 1050mm multiples. Planks are usually continuous along the span. With poly-lumber decking, an additional beam run per unit width may be needed to support the reduced plank spans. Hand rails are mounted as with the perimeter deck, retrofit to the face of side supporting beams.

By employing Primary frame beams rather than 50mm thick Secondary beams, it is possible to create spans between support piers akin to that of the Primary framing. This allows the walkway to be used as simple bridged over streams or narrow gullies. These can be readily integrated as needed along the course of a longer walkway while maintaining the same surface and edge appearance.