The Utilihab Video Wall is a floor-to-ceiling rear-projection video system 2-3 or more standard panels in width that integrates into large wall areas, usually with a meter wide enclosure space behind it built up as a supercabinet or as a standard interior wall panel enclosure. In a typical home entertainment installation, motion/gesture tracking and user video cam will be integrated behind the projection screen, audio speakers integrated into the floor at the base of the screen, and one standard wall space will be reserved host a media systems cabinet.

The Utilihab Video Wall is an experimental home media element -not yet intended as a standard home appliance kit- that serves not just as a large TV but as a ‘virtual window wall’ linking spaces by continuous teleconferencing. It can bring exterior or room views -local or from any distance away- into any position within the interior. It is also intended for experimental home CAVE (CAVE Augmented Virtual Environment) installations where a special immersive display room is fashioned by surrounding a 2-3m square space -walls and ceiling- with video walls to create a near-seamless virtual reality projection. The system relies on the raised floor structure of Utilihab to allow projector elements to be installed through the floor level behind the screen, thus achieving the flush-to-floor and ceiling projection area. Some installations may follow much the same design approach as the Utilihab Sleeping Pod, a 2m cubed immersive core space surrounded by a supercabinet complex hosting the projection display hardware. Future technology will allow for more compact systems that may need no more than conventional wall panel thickness.