The T-slot Strip Lights are a series of Utilihab kits for lighting units that plug into the profile slots and use profile slot and interior channels to conceal wiring. Several forms will be developed based on conventional fluorescent, EL wire, LED, OLED, and, as will be noted in another section, fiber optic lighting.

Simple Strip Lights: These are the simplest form of strip lights based usually on fluorescent lighting. They employ a pair of fluorescent tube holder/connector/ballast units adapted to mount by T-nut to an exposed profile slot with the slot used to conceal wiring under a plastic snap-in slot cover. An optional plastic surround/diffuser may also be used. This kit allows one to literally turn the exposed profile framing itself into a fluorescent lamp that can be freely adjusted to suit any size of fluorescent tube. It is very well suited to task lighting in workshop areas or cabinet lighting. It can also be used to make a lighting panel fixture by wrapping the inside of a portion of the standard ceiling grid with two or four lamp tubes and a reflector panel and then mounting a diffuser panel like a standard ceiling panel.

Cover Strip Lights: These strip lights are design to replace sections of the wooden finishing strips used with the flush mounted wall and ceiling panels. An alloy back plate serves the same panel-holding function as the wooden strip while supporting the mounts for fluorescent tubes, LED/OLED arrays, or other lighting units under a bowed or low-profile box light diffuser cover. Like the standard cover strips, they may be attached by T-nuts or snap-in strips. All-weather versions may be developed for exposed Primary framing.

Column Surround Lights: These strip lights are similar in design to the Cover Strip Lights except that they are used to wrap two or more sides of an exposed Secondary or Primary frame post with a round or box-shaped diffuser cover. They are used to turn exposed frame corners or posts into vertical lanterns and their surrounds may be made of plastic, art paper, stiffened fabric, or combinations of wood and fabric in the manner of Asian-style lanterns.

Slot Light: Limited to EL wire and LED arrays, these are lighting units on thin circuit panels that slide into the profile T-slot channel itself with the lamp elements in a clear U channel cover that fills the profile slot, thus turning the profile itself into a thin strip light unit. This is used where profile framing is left exposed or where a very thin woof finishing strip is used with a slot gap between it. This form of lighting it well suited to accent lighting uses and integration in cabinetry and counter, particularly with Supercabinet complexes.