The Supercabinet System is a series of modular kits deriving from the standard floor and wall grid which can be mixed and matched to create the previously noted supercabinet complexes based on a mix of standard profile structure framing and lighter framing -usually in 25mm profiles. Supercabinets are whole-wall storage systems that feature many built-in furnishing elements as well as appliances that allow them to define the function of an adjacent space. They usually at least 1m deep and can function as a partition between major portions of the interior layout of the home or be used as a surround for smaller rooms -with the sleeping and bathroom pods described in this section. The basic set of supercabinet components are the shelving, cabinet, and countertops described in this section. But the larger Supercabinet System includes a variety of speciality kits that are designed to be combined in any way desired by the user. These include such things as lighting, speciality shelving such as wire shelves and media shelves, headboards for bed platforms, kitchen counter units, electronics and computing systems enclosures, and so on. Many of the built in furniture and appliance designs noted in the integral furnishing and appliances sections represent supercabinet kits that can be used alone or in a larger supercabinet complex.

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