The Utilihab Solar Pergola is a unique solar thermal system that can also be used in the novel application of algaeculture. The solar thermal Solar Pergola exploits the potential of T-slot framing used as a manifold for evacuated solar collector tubes to serve double-duty as integral framing for an attractive pergola structure. Though a bit less efficient as a solar collector, this allows the use of solar energy to be attractively integrated into the architecture of an overall building design, the solar collector serving as an elegant-looking shade structure for walkways and decks.

Using this same manifold frame system but with plexiglass tubing, the Solar Pergola can be used as a fluid array bioreactor for an especially attractive-looking algaeculture system. This can be used in support of mariculture systems, for the production of biofuels, or in some cases as components in advanced Living Machine systems.

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