Solar energy is the preferred source of independent power for Utilihab structures and the system supports a variety of technologies in a series of kits;

PV Panel System: a conventional aluminum framed rigid solar panel system for use with surface roof attachment, angled frame roof supports, single axis horizontal or diagonal tracker mounts, and single or multi-axis pedestal tracker mounts.

PV Flex Panel System: flexible laminate PV panels bonded to an alloy backing sheet that are used in large expanses on alloy and flat roofing. Accommodates lighter roofing that would otherwise not support rigid framed panels and also accommodates curved/arched roofs. Also easier to install on alloy roofing.

PV Flex Membrane System: uses the same laminate PV cells as the Flex Panel System but in the form of tension membranes backed with ETFE that can be used as tension roofs. Standard tension roof kits for Utilihab SkyBreak roofs and shade canopies may feature this as an option.

PV Glazing: glass panels with integral solar sells intended as a supplementary source of power. Come in three forms; laminate cell arrays where small solar cells are arrayed in grids over the glass with gaps between them and which appear like screens, laser etched cell arrays where the unit cells are very fine and the appearance is like an extremely fine screen or shade fabric, and true translucent/transparent cells based usually on organic PVs that appear like a tinted glass. There is generally a large sacrifice in potential power output with these due to their need to let light through and because they aren’t mounted in positions with optimal insolation but they can be a good supplementary source of power, especially in buildings with large expanses of glazing.

PV Roof System: complete modular alloy panel roofing system that includes integral photovoltaics laminated to the roof panels. Used for flat and pitched roofing and offered in kits for standard unit structures.

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