The Utilihab Solar Chiller is self-contained solar powered cooling system intended to be used with the Mini-Duct High Velocity HVAC system, Chilled Beam units in combination with the Mini-Duct system, or for Mini-Split ductless air conditioning systems. It is a hydronic chiller unit designed to integrate with many possible hydronic heating and cooling configurations.

The Solar Chiller is a compact form of absorption cooler that is driven by a set of Utilihab Solar Thermal Panels and provides a hydronic chill fluid supply to in-line central air coil coolers, mini-split registers, and Chilled Beam units. The Solar Chiller is a self-contained unit that can be located outdoors like conventional chiller/compressor units and combined in-line with those units as a supplemental cooling system during peak solar gain periods. The Solar Chiller can be added to any higher temperature solar thermal array which can double as a year-round source of hot water for washing and heating. Thermal storage banks may be used to extend run time of the Solar Chiller at night.

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