The Utilihab platform supports any skylight units that can be used with any of the conventional roofing materials it employs. Where necessary, custom roof framing based on T-slot profiles can be employed as with wood framing and if necessary wood nailing plates can be bolted to the profiles as needed. However, these custom approaches are less efficient and so the Utilihab standard catalog offers two forms of standard skylight unit designed for easier integration.

Standard skylight modules are 1m square and 1000x2050mm box frame unit kits and 230mm, 330mm, and 530mm sun tube unit kits. The skylight units are designed for direct integration between standard 1m spaced roof joists (or truss modules) and the 1m spaced ceiling grid and direct attachment to framing profile slots by T-nuts. They include a ceiling frame module with elastomer boot, and flashing, a nesting silvered aluminum box reflector channel, and lower bezel for ceiling gris attachment. They may include optional powered venting mechanisms and screens.

The sun tubes rely on more variable mounting between the roof cladding and custom ceiling panels fitted with the light diffuser bezel. They may include optional integral lighting electric fixtures and angled reflector tubing allowing variable positioning of the outlet opening relative to the light collector. A special adaptation of the standard skylight allows it to serve as collector for multiple sun pipes linked by angled tubes.

[Additional study needed to identify specific skylight and sun tube designs. Some off-the-shelf products may be adopted for this where no immediate open source designs are available]