The Utilihab Redox Battery system is an experimental vanadium-redox power storage system based on the use of a common liquid electrolyte with different oxidation states that is held in independent storage and independently charged positive and negative by proton exchange when pumped through either side of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell. To discharge, the fluids are run back through the cell where their reverse exchange of protons across the membranes results in power output. The system uses a fuel cell stack with multiple power input segments and a common output segment.

The Redox Battery system has a number of advantages. It’s capacity is limited only by the volume of fluid storage containers connected to it so it can be freely scaled to any capacity. It does not lose charge over protracted periods, which allows for a home power system to reserve excess power collected in summer months for use in winter. The electrolyte doesn’t degrade with use and is not contaminated by cross-communication of the electrolytes in the fuel cell. It can charge from different power sources with different voltage or amperage and discharge simultaneously without the need for a complex charge controller. The key limitation is that the electrolyte solution is a sulphuric acid with a vanadium oxide suspension, requiring that all tanking and hardware associated with the system be composed of plastics.

The Utilihab Redox Battery consists of a three rotomolded containers linked by plastic plumbing. Two containers are the electrolyte storage tanks and the third is a leak containment enclosure for a plastic fuel cell and pump unit. A top-mounted chassis frame on the fuel cell container supports the electrical systems for the unit. Different tank containers support different total capacity and all containers are designed to integrate with SuperCabinet framing for installation in utility spaces.

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