The Utilihab Rainwater Catchment kit is another kit based on components from the Modular Greywater System. And can likewise be linked to greywater of Living Machine waste water systems. It consists of the following elements.

•Clearwater Storage Unit cistern tank with optional aerator. Combined in series for large volume storage.

•Underfloor Clearwater Storage Units as an option for under-floor/deck locations of rainwater storage. Like the larger tank units, can be linked in series for large volume storage. Can also be stacked for use as a simpler rainwater barrel collector or for water-storage thermal moderation walls.

•Catchment Plumbing Kits. Plumbing assembly kits for rainwater collection based on polyethylene pipe and fittings.

•Ozonator and UV Sanitizer Unit for use with potable rainwater collection.

•High Performance Filtration Unit. Used for potable rainwater collection.

•Automatic Rainwater Diverter. Used to divert the initial run-off during a rain to the ground so that dirt and debris is cleared from the roof surface before the cleaner rainwater is collected. Used with potable water rainwater catchment systems.

•Rainwater Testing Kit. Used to monitor the quality of collected rainwater for potable water uses.

•Dew Net Frame. A special kit using a fine net structure on a light profile frame structure for collecting dew and mist in arid climates with periodic mists.

Most rainwater catchment systems are used to collect water for gardening, landscape, and toilet flushing uses. But because of the types of roofing systems and materials favored by the Utilihab system, there is potential to employ rainwater catchment for potable water as is common in some island communities.

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