Planar panel systems are a specialized form of surface mount window and exterior wall paneling that uses off-set mounting elements to retrofit panels to a structure then seals their interstitial gaps with a formed-in-place or pre-formed slip-on silicone joint. Utilihab structures would generally employ this with simple stand-off studs, through-panel bolts, and in-slot compression gaskets along the top and bottom members of the primary frame. When used in a window-wall configuration they are generally attached only at the top and bottom to leave an unobstructed surface, limiting these panels to a 1024x2500mm size. Where panels must accommodate integral roof and/or perimeter deck, a horizontal base strip of 50mm profile may be employed to accommodate the horizontal attachment at a lower 2400 or 2450mm height. For full enclosure systems, where the planar panel is used to completely enclose the structure as with a greenhouse, a more fitted panel set would be created to accommodate the planar envelope over walls and roof.