The Utilihab patio deck system extends the same deck system of the perimeter walkway deck into a large area deck of freely variable size. When linked to a building, the system extends the same Primary frame grid of the structure into a deck support frame with the vertical post members, on their own piling supports, shortened and at their exposed cross points covered in an end cap riding flush to the horizontal beams. A floor grid is then assembled with either full height or recessed framing.

Either a tiled deck surface, using unit plank (or other outdoor-resilient material) panels, or continuous planking where the wood or poly-lumber plank is employed in the same manned as conventional decking over the recessed deck framing. Were large area long plank runs are used, the planking will usually be attached to both the top slots of the underlying framing and alloy angle, lumber/poly-lumber, or profile spacer battens using counter-sunk through-bolts. This allows the planking to be laid in alternating series much as with hardwood flooring. Alternatively, 100mm two slot wide main deck joists may be employed in combination with the usual 50mm wide joists which allow the deck plank ends to meet over two profile slots for simpler direct attachment. This approach may be preferred with the use of poly-lumber where shorter allowable plank spans may require additional support joists.