The Utilihab Modular Utility panel is a repurposing of standard profile planks for use as a multi-purpose mounting panel for utilities hardware and electronics that attach to its facing series of slots by T-nuts. It especially well suited to mounting tubing manifolds, cabling harnesses, and electrical and electronics enclosures. It is based on profile support planks that interlock like dovetail paneling and are stacked in-line with framing in 1m wide horizontal series or on the face of framing using staggered series of 1100mm widths.

The Modular Utility Panel can sometimes be used over large areas as a general wall paneling in workshop facilities, it’s slots serving to host freely changed tool hangers, shelving, counters, and storage cabinets or containers. It can also be used as an alternative to -or in concert with- 19” rack mount assemblies for hosting computer server complexes. It can also be used externally and works well as a tool holder for landscape tools, bicycle storage mounts, and mounts for modular hydroponics.

The Modular Utility Panel is also useful in the construction of integral machine tools and robotics in workshop facilities, allowing for very sophisticated automation integration within a built structure.