As described in the Deck Furniture section, the standard deck grid for Utilihab allows for many possible design features to modularly integrate within the grid spaces. This is used for container gardening planters in the form of simple half-meter (actually 550mm) high box frame enclosures built-up atop the grid profiles. The planter boxes can employ surround or in-line polywood or stone planking. The planter box then hosts simple recycled polyethylene box tubs in 1m + frame interstitial multiples. (1m x 1m, 1m x 2050mm, 2050mm x 3100mm, etc.) These tubs can feature a polywood insert to function as sub-irrigation planters. Using various combinations, planters of any shape are possible. For home farming use, 1050mm high planter boxes may be preferred, though they would still employ the half meter inner container. Thanks to the use of the T-slot framing, these outdoor planters can feature sophisticated integral hydroponics systems sheltered within extensions of the same simple enclosure boxes, creating a very attractive integration of that advanced gardening technology.

The same planter insert tubs can be employed for in-deck planter boxes at the deck surface. These simply penetrate through openings in the deck grid, resting on a gravel bed under the raised deck. For very high raised decks, an underside suspension box frame is attached beneath the deck grid to support the weight of the planter box.

An optional use of planter boxes is fire boxes, used simply for heat and decoration but optionally as simple outdoor grills. These employ the use of a welded alloy container insert rather than the HDPE planter tub insert and can host simple insert log grills, top grill racks, and box or pyramid shaped top screens. They can also be based on propane. Raised fire boxes must use stone, clay, or concrete panel sides. Extruded clay panels are well suited to this and can fit into the alloy frame in the same fashion as the polywood planking, in some cases featuring a dovetail plank form.