The Utilihab Modular Greywater System is a modular component set that can be configured for different greywater uses. It consists of the following elements;

•Buffer/Filter Unit: a polyethylene buffer/filter/settling tank or ‘gravity drum’ with integral filter unit designed for linking into larger storage combinations. It can be used indoors or outdoors and is designed for placement under the raised floor or deck of a standard Utilihab structure or for in-ground installation.

•Clearwater Storage Unit: same type of tank used for the Buffer/Filter Unit but without the integral filter. Features option for Aeration Bubbler Unit and Sanitizer Unit. Usually used for larger volume multi-function systems or as an isolated tank for toilet flushing. Is designed to integrate with the Utilihab Rainwater Catchment System.

•Under-Floor Clearwater Storage Unit: a small ‘clearwater’ storage unit with integral filter designed to be installed under the standard Utilihab floor for use in a toiler flush system. Used in combination with Sanitizer Unit, Mini-Pump Unit, and Grewyater Flush Adapter Unit.

•Sanitizer Unit: an inline sanitizer that uses a chemical tablet to sanitize water passing briefly over it. Usually used for toilet flush systems.

•Aerator Unit: a small air pump used for aeration in Clearwater Storage Units. Usually only used for larger volume systems.

•Drywell Unit: a buried landscape dispersion tank for modest scale systems.

•Dispersion Channels: modular HDPE channels used in parallel series to create a kind of ‘leach field’ dispersion system for larger volume greywater systems.

•Irrigation Pump Well/Tank: a small tank with a submersible pump used for adding pressure to greywater flow in large area dispersal systems or as a supply pump to a raised bed planter system or sub-irrigation container garden system.

•Mini-Pump Unit: A small submersible pump unit designed for use with the the Under-Floor Clearwater Storage Unit for both toilet flushing systems and small scale container gardening systems. 

•Toilet Greywater Adapter: a sensor switch and tubing kit designed to link to a pump and clearwater storage unit to fill toilet tanks with greywater when supply is available. Works with the Under-Floor Clearwater Storage Unit and the larger Clearwater Storage Unit.