The Modular Charge Controller is a series of modular units with a common connection backplane designed to be installed in the Gell Cell Battery Set rack and provides reconfigurable charge control, inverters, and home power management. It is designed to integrate with the Utilihab Modular Wiring System as well as the HomeWeb platform with its own web controller interface. The Modular Charge Controller is designed to manage a bank of batteries and integrate input power from multiple sources -particularly combinations of solar, wind, and generator sources- while providing AC output power with an optional grid intertie to conventional home mains. It can additionally be configured for redundancy, using multiple auto-switching backup system modules for critical power applications, but generally need not employ this for domestic use to minimize cost. The HomeWeb interface provides diagnostics and a number of monitoring features for battery charge status, source power input, per-circuit power output and load, and historical tracking. It can feed data to another master home energy management program monitoring whole-building energy performance.

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