Mini-Split or Ductless air conditioning systems are highly adaptable energy efficient air conditioners that offer the additional benefit of improved air cleanliness through the elimination of intake ducts that collect dust and pooled condensation. Long common in Asia, they have only recently been introduced to western nations with the US being last to come around their use.

Mini-Splits employ a self-contained electric powered heat pump unit -sometimes combining heating and cooling- that is linked to one to several low-profile ‘registers’ by hydronic tubing and a vacuum line to remove condensation. Registers are usually retrofit units containing an independent cooling coil and fan which are mounted along a wall near the ceiling. A few models may have registers that are ceiling mounted.

Utilihab will accommodate most any off-the-shelf Mini-Split air conditioning systems with simply modification of the standard interior wall panel. However, the specialized Utilihab Mini-Split AC kit will provide a special panel with integrated register mount that conceals a very low-profile cooling register unit behind specially made wall, cabinet, and ceiling panels. It is also a scalable system with chiller modules and manifold interfaces supporting from one to many cooling registers and quick DIY installation.