The Utilihab Microshop is a kit series for the creation of a new 21st century style home workshop. Using the supercabinet scheme and extensive Utility Panel coverage, the Microshop integrates the following optional tools and systems into a single reconfigurable workstation;

•Workbench counter with hand tool racks, soldering station, shelf, bin, and drawer storage, power strip, lighting, exhaust vent, vacuum, clamps, and panavise, spotlight, and magnifier mounts.

•Mini-CNC - Fabber - PCB cutter

•Mini laser-engraver/cutter

•Compact flat-bed printer

•Compact digital sign/paper cutter

•Digital sewing system

•Mini-Multi-Function Bench Tool (drill press, router, grinder, sander, polisher, miter saw, jig saw, light lathe and multi-function milling in one reconfigurable system)

•Vented painting box with integral screen printing rig

•Welding station box with shaded cover panel

•Mini plastic casting workstation

•Mini alloys casting workstation

•Personal computer and tool controller with ruggedized flat panel bench display.

The Microshop is configurable for many combinations of tools and shapes of workspaces and can employ larger scale versions of tools where their use predominates.

[This is a currently speculative concept. Much R&D work will be needed for this sophisticated integrated tool complex, particularly where current off-the-shelf tools do not support multi-function capability]

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