Interior walls and partitions employ the same finished panels and similar attachment methods. The basic difference between the two is that partition panels are ‘double-sided’ -finished on both front and back and are formed either of paired single-sided panels or a specially made double-sided panel with fully concealed interface.

Interior walls and partitions are generally very light in composition, which eases the attachment issue as they can often be held in place by friction along their sides or, if semi-rigid, can be slightly bent to engage locking flanges.

Countless materials can be used for interior walls, especially since when pre-finished they preclude the need for painting or plastering. Utilihab makes extensive of use of such unconventional wall coverings as fabrics, woven reed and bamboo, stone veneer, cork, and the like, made practical by virtue of modular panel construction rather than the usual on-site crafted materials.

Interior/Partition Panel CategoriesEdit