Hydronic Registers or radiator units come, off-the-shelf, in a vast assortment of forms. Utilihab will support most of these units through attachment to the standard profile framing or to modified wall and floor panels. However, Utilihab features several forms of these unique to its building system;

Floor Panel Radiators: these are special floor panel units designed as radiators with an integral radiator tubing coil and are used along the perimeters of floors. They are cast-stone, stone laminate, or textured aluminum topped and are designed to be used with flush panel flooring using inter-panel trim.

Wall Panel Radiators: similar in design to the floor panels, these full standard interior wall panels feature a larger radiator coil and can be used in small number for heating rooms.

Part-Panel Radiators: similar to the wall panel radiators but combining a portion of a standard panel with a smaller radiator panel. Usually requires specialty fabrication of a matching standard panel section. Functions much like the more commonly sized stand-up radiator units or in groups as a kind of integral baseboard radiator.

Radiator Beams: installed like, and serving double-duty as, trim cover strips in flush panel floor and wall systems, these radiators mount along Primary and Secondary beams, studs, and posts. Designed to be low profile, they have fairly limited radiant area except along their length and so are typically employed as full-room height or span units in vertical or horizontal orientation. Work well as a low profile baseboard heater.

Radiator Profiles: these are secondary floor beams and wall studs that have been modified to function as a radiator. Usually only suited to combinations with stone/stone laminate paneling.

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