Exterior grill, louver, trellis, lattices, and rigid panel screen systems would be mounted flush or surface mounted and usually in combination with another panel or window behind them. Typical forms are vertical or horizontal wood or alloy strips, lattices and trellises of joined wood or bamboo, woven reed/sticks, perforated aluminum sheet, or laser-cut aluminum sheet. The simple strip forms would attach with conventional through-bolts to available outer surface slots when surface mounted or employ end screws and T-block spacers along inner edge slots when mounting flush. Surface mount trellises, lattices, and screen panels would be fashioned as units and mounted top and bottom along front surface slots in the same fashion as planar glass panels using short off-set studs. Their flush forms would mount in the same manner as flush mounted modular wall panels using an integral frame.

Flexible screens or fences would employ perimeter tension blocks attaching either to frame surface or along the inner frame slots. A common feature for industrial applications, many off-the-shelf components are available for this.

Wire/cable fences and lattices would employ screw-tensioned swage pins attached to T-nuts. The same approach would be employed with corner-mounted toggle-clamps for attachment of tensioned cloth panels fitted with alloy eyelets.