Flush mounted interlocking panel employs materials in plank forms that interlock on two sides and are mounted in either an horizontal or vertical orientation, along with optional complimentary cover strips for corner and interstitial frame members. Typical forms are traditional dovetail wood planking, fiber cement planking, corrugated alloy planking, and foam-filled alloy SIP planking.

Flush mounting of this kind of paneling would employ pre-mounted angle, angle strip, or locking strip attachment with mounting holes aligned to the plank widths. Vertical aligned planking may employ an additional horizontal brace of 50mm 1x1 profile between Primary and Secondary framing members to increase rigidity. Because of the limitation to angle or locking strip attachment, this form of flush mounted panel would be limited to 20mm thickness, except where larger Primary framing is used to provide angle attachment to an adjacent inner slot. This form of panel may also incorporate a ‘U’ channel on two sides for a more uniform edge seal. Some alloy plank products may offer additional alloy flashing elements for a clean look.

Typical materials as per surface mounted plank.