Utilihab supports integral deck furniture using standard aluminum profiles integrating to the standard frame deck grid. This is used to create simple tables, benches, and counters but can also be employed for more elaborate structures such as built-in BBQs -though these complex appliance designs are beyond the scope of this document.

A simple bench or table is formed by creating ‘U’ frames from 50mm profile which attach directly to the frame grid using the standard 1m spacing are linked by an upper cross-beam. Polywood, stone, or light concrete (such as bamboo reinforced concrete panel) planks are then used as a top surface. Employing the same approach with an angled ‘h’ frame allows for a bench with a back panel. ‘L’ shaped frames are used to create a perimeter bench that integrates to a perimeter hand rail. Using this simple approach, many variations in outdoor furniture become possible, from simple cube tables or stands to complex seating structures employing outdoor-grade seating cushions.