The Utilihab Central Vacuum Cleaner Kit is actually just a set of standard Utilihab floor, underfloor, and supercabinet panels that feature standard fittings for central vacuum terminals. They will work with most common central vacuum cleaner units, providing plug-in points for vacuum hoses and pop-open sweeper ports where debris swept up with a broom is picked up by the vacuum.

Central vacuum cleaners are a much healthier, more reliable, and less cumbersome alternative to conventional vacuum cleaners. They need no special filters or bags and exhaust externally, so there is no possibility of dust and allergens merely being re-distributed about a home where not picked up by the filters and bags. Though central vacuum cleaner units are actually not much more expensive than conventional vacuum cleaners, they have long been considered a luxury item found only in the homes of the wealthy because of the costs of their installation, particularly after a home has been initially built. They are rarely considered in the initial design of a home and and their later installation given conventional wall and floor systems is very costly.

Thanks to Utilihab’s modular construction, ready demountability of structure, and use of raised floor systems it can easily integrate central vacuum systems at an unprecedented low cost and with the Central Vacuum Cleaner kit it becomes suited to DIY installation simply by employing special terminal panels in the floor or in cabinets. The central vacuum unit is installed within any convenient utility space and vents through an underfloor panel. The vacuum hose network can then travel within the wall and floor volume (with Medium or Heavy Primary framing) or across the sub-floor area using the under-side framing slots for tie-down hose attachment.

The kit terminal panels, offered in common finishing styles, can then be installed like any standard floor or base cabinet panel in discrete locations in rooms. Several kinds of terminals are used.

A standard hose terminal allows the mobile vacuum hose and wand to plug in to the vacuum tube network. They are usually installed in a floor panel but can also be installed in custom wall panels and base trim panels for supercabinets.

Sweeper terminals -also referred to as VacPans- are slot-like openings with a rocker switch that are used to vacuum-up debris swept up with a broom. They are most commonly used in kitchen and workshop areas. Typical styles are designed for baseboard installation. Utilihab can also install these in custom wall panels but the standard kit installs these in base cabinet trim panels.

A floor-panel based sweeper panel form unique to Utilihab is also used, featuring a pop-up panel which serves as an activation switch when raised.

A dust and fume collector duct panel using this same pop-open terminal is also used for counter-top dust collection in workshop areas and is designed for counter top and counter back panel installation.