Utilihab typically employs suspended panel ceiling systems that either integrate to the underside of the normal floor deck or employ an additional light frame grid using 50mm square profiles tied to the slots of the underside of roof beams by threaded rods and T-nuts. This will most often be used with pitched roof assemblies or roof decks that are mounted on top of the Primary frame rather than integral to it. In most situations, though, at least one axis of upper deck joists will be flush with the ceiling underneath, needing only the additional of 50mm spacer profiles. Some special roof decking, such as the Epic alloy plank roofing systems, use no supporting roof beams as they are self-supporting by their corrugations and so the ceiling frame will be either self-supporting within the Primary frame, employ diagonal tension cables for reinforcement, or be tied to the roof deck with threaded rods using custom mounting points installed when the decking in installed.

Ceiling panels will often integrate lighting and HVAC with special panels created to mount bezels and plates for such fixtures.

Ceiling Panel CategoriesEdit