Simple built-in benches are supported in the same way as described for exterior benches used with an outdoor deck. ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped profile frames are placed along the standard floor and wall grid with an optional reinforcing cross-beam added to link them. This is then used to support a bench top of finished wood, polywood plank, or other materials. This form of simple bench is well suited to bathrooms, entryways, mud rooms, and indoor gardening benches. Taller forms can be employed as sideboard tables and the approach can even be used to support large conference and dining tables with sliding profile supports used to host table extensions.

More integral benches, as employed for dinettes and daybed alcoves, are formed by framing-out whole sections of a wall to create a boxed-in ledge, finished in surface mount panels like a supercabinet or custom flush or fitted paneling akin to the standard wall panel. Much like enclosed counters, the top of the bench is a finished plank mounted over supporting cross-beam profiles. These are usually used with some kind of seating cushion and may be hinged to create a storage unit as with some traditional sun-benches. These can, of course, be employed with a supercabinet complex and standard sizes will be developed for this purpose.