The Utlihab Aquarium Panel is a panel-shaped designed to be used with Primary framing locations of at least Medium thickness and is best suited to use as a partition element. The unit consists of a low profile acrylic tank held in place within the slots of framing profiles along sides and bottom using a perimeter flange. Upper and lower panels conceal a lighting system over the top of the tank and a low-profile water filtration system, both of which are suspended from horizontal supporting profiles. The system can employ concealed plastic tubing runs through the inner channels of the supporting profiles to link to the filtration system. For larger systems, filtration and pump system can be installed remotely. The two-piece panel tanks can be flat and flush, flat and protruding front, flat and protruding front and back, single side bowed, or double side bowed depending on the installation. Sizes are from 1-3 meters wide and 1-2 meters tall.

The Aquarium Panel is best suited to open partition arrangements, where the panel is used as a translucent partition structure viewable from both sides and suspended off the floor.

The same aquarium containers without filtration system can be employed as in-wall terrariums for plants and small animals.

[Note: possible partnership with Spacearium company in development of this kit]